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Pure gold is equal to 1/24 pure gold in alloy. Thus, 14 karat means:
  • 14 parts of 24 are pure gold, while the remaining 10 parts are mixed with other metal.
  • 24k=100% = .9999
  • 18k =75% = . 750
  • 14k=58.3%= .5833 (.585)
  • 10k=41.6%=.4166 (.417)
Throughout the world gold weight is based on the troy ounce. Listed below is a reference table.
  1. 24 Grains = 1 pennyweight = 1.55552 grams
  2. 20 Pennyweight = 1 ounce = 31.1035 grams
  3. 12 ounces (troy) = 1 pound = 373.2417grams
The Elements used to produce different gold colors are:
Gemstone Information

The Origin of Birthstones

It’s uncertain how the specific months became connected with the various stones. However, some speculate that their origins date back to biblical times when the breastplate belonging to a priest was decorated with 12 assorted colored gems. As time wore on, the 12 gems became associated with the zodiac and the months connected to it.

This started the tradition of wearing a colored stone each month as a sort of good luck charm. Initially people wore all twelve stones, rotating according to the month of the year to derive the greatest benefit of each stone. Believing that the various gems held magical powers for the individual born within a given month, people started to wear the stone associated with their birth month for the entire year. In 1912, the American National Association of Jewelers designed a list dedicating different gems to various months. What was once thought to be controversial based on its commercialism is now widely accepted as the official birthstone list.

The History and Beliefs Surrounding the Diamond

As told through the Encarta, Sanskrit texts dating back before 400 B.C. found that people associated significant value and wonderment with crystals. There is also significant research that dates back to the 1330s showing diamond cutting in Venice. The diamond trading business flourished towards the 15th century with the opening of Eastern trade routes. Ancient theories touting the magical powers of diamonds were prevalent: some thought lightning bolts formed diamonds, while other theories asserted that diamonds were the tears of god.

The Healing Powers of Diamonds

During the Middle Ages, diamonds were thought to hold healing powers and to cure ailments stemming from the pituitary gland and brain. By heating the crystal and taking it to bed, it was thought to draw out the harmful toxins that were crippling the body. It was believed that diamonds could also have an effect on an individual’s balance and clarity and could boost their energy when combined with other crystals like amethyst.

The diamond as the April gemstone has garnered the hearts of many and is the most coveted crystal to date. Deemed as the King of all birthstones, diamonds make the ideal choice for an April birthday gift. She’ll love you for it!

Diamond Shapes & Descriptions
Learn the 4 C’s and choose any diamond cut you like!

  • Round
  • HeartHeart
  • EmeraldEmerald
  • CushionCushion
  • OvalOval
  • PearPear
  • PrincessPrincess
  • RadiantRadiant
  • MarquiseMarquise
  • AsscherAsscher

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